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There are three goals in designing PCBs for signal integrity and electrical performance. They are 1- PCB should be immune from interference from other systems 2- It should not produce emissions that cause problems for other systems. 3- It should demonstrate the desired signal quality. A common factor relating these three issues is electromagnetic waves. […]

D SUB connector inquiry high current 3V3 D-SUB connectorn Today a customer from India sent us a D-sub connector inquiry. He sent me the picture below.               First we confirmed the D-sub connector at one end. We sent customer our drawing and picture of our D-sub connector as below. […]

Pin Header ordering information introduction Hello friends! I just sent the pin header goods to my American customer on August 25. Today I would like to give you a brief introduction of the pin header ordering information, and hope it will be of some help when you choose the pin header you need.   As I […]

pin header connector samples sent from China Long time no see, friends! How is everything going? Yesterday I sent some pin header connector samples, as the picture shows below.  A customer from US asked us the pin header connector. pin header connector samples               He send us the drawing, and we […]

connector specialist of China PCBA manufacture Long time no see! What a busy day today! No matter how busy and tired, I still enjoy sharing my working experience here. For me, it is a way to review, and for you, I will be very glad if you can learn something professional about connectors, PCB & PCBA, […]

connector specialists of China specialized in connectors We strive to be the most reliable connector specialists of China. We have confidence we can make  it. Just like you can judge a person by what he does, you can judge a company by what his employees do. what we do to make connector specialists of China […]

electronic components store – On this quiet moning, I thought of a saying by Albert Einstein. He said, everyday I remind myself that my inner and outer life are based on labours of other man, living and dead, and that I must exert myself  to give in the same measure as I have received and […]

connector selling tips sharing – Again glad to see you at this quiet Friday night. Today let us go on talking about some selling skills of connectors, that is connector selling tips sharing. About connector selling tips sharing, we shall talk about it later for many times. Because we, Connectorfromchina, as a department of […]

connectors brief introduction from China Today let me give you a brief introduction of connectors from China. was established in 2005, belongs to OurPCB GROUP. We Provide the high quality connectors at competitive price, including Board To Board Connector, Wire-to-board connector, I/O Connector, Terminal Blocks, solar connector, Cable Assembly and other connectors. connectors brief introduction from China Board To Board Connector […]

electronic components supplier from China It is again late at night now. Let us still talk about something professional about electronics and learn from each other. Just as we talked before, our Chinese connectors are with good quality at competive price. At the same time, apart from connectors, we are still a good supplier of electronic components. […]

PCB Assembly designer and manufacturer in China Silent night. At such quiet night, I cann’t help think something about my work and life. Sometimes it is upsetting, it is frustrating to see no results after so much work. But there is an old saying that goes, as you sow, so will you reap. So I […]

reliable connector solution specialist in China – 2 Now let us go on talking about what I learnt from our company since I came to OurPCB,  and how we make the most reliable connector solution specialist. Just now we talked about I learned much professional knowledge, because we provide PCB& PCBA service for over 1500 customers around […]

reliable connector solution specialist in China – 1 It is rainning all day today, now it finally stopped. What a quiet night! At such quiet night, it is a good choice to think about life, of course, talking about work is also a good one. It has been a month since I came to OurPCB Tech. […]

Chinese connectors with good quality at competive price Connectorfromchina is a department of OurPCB Tech. LTD, now let me tell you in detail why you choose us. We specialized in PCB and PCBA services since 2005 and have over 1500 clients all over the world, such as ABB, eldoLED, Coherent, Intel. We have our own  factories in […]

battery connectors  – It is again late at night. From yesterday evening to this evening, I have been dealing with a customer of battery connectors. Now let us just talk about some technical issues about battery connectors today. Let us begin from the packaging. There are three kinds of packaging, that is in tray, […]

usb connectors selling with best services_2 It is May 5th, the 2nd day after May Day holiday. It is again evening now, let us go on yesterday’s paper and discussing the update of usb connectors selling. Yesterday I sent the drawing of the connector below to customer. Today customer replied, the connector of the drawing I sent […]

PCBA assembly designer and manufacturer in China Connectorfromchina is a department of OurPCB Group, one of china’s best PCB and PCBA company. OurPCB Tech Limited was found in 2005, it provides professional PCB&PCBA assembly service for over than 1500 customers around the world. In order to satisfy more and more customers requirement about lead time and price, OurPCB built its […]

Top Mount Header – Lithuanian customer’s order -1 Again, it is late at night, let us go on talking about the Top Mount Header, which is a Lithuanian customer’s order. Top Mount Header – Lithuanian customer’s order -1 It is the first day that we work after the May Day holiday, we finally received the Lithuanian customer‘s payment. […]

usb connectors selling with best services It is the first day when we are back to work after May Day holiday. The weather is quite nice and cool. What a fine day! I got an request for quotation of usb connectors today.   usb connectors selling with best services First I reviewed the request of […]

connector supplier from China with best services It is May 3rd today, we will be back to work tomorrow.  Let us go on talking about one of the strong points of our company, OurPCB Tech Limited. That is, no big deal, just some feelings. Just like I talked before on last paper, about connector selling work experience, […]

connector selling work experience good service It is May 2nd 2015. Yesterday I came back home, Mom said, you look thinner, but very much energetic. I am a little surprised to hear that, but also so glad about the way I look.  Anyway what I look shows what I feel. It shows I am love […]

wire connectors PCB and It is about to be off work, and we don’t need to work tomorrow. It is human nature to be somehow excited, right? But before that, still let me finish my work today. For my Lithuanian customer, which we talked before, he already paid the day before yesterday, but because it […]

wiring connector PCB and PCBA service company from China It is the last day of the beautiful April. Tomorrow is May Day holiday. How time flies! It is over 3 weeks since I come to this company. I learned so many new things that I am glad to share it on this platform, not only wiring […]

connector sales tips pin header Top/Bottom Mount Header It is late in the night  now, can you think of a picture, that a salesman is typing on her computer and thinking? Well, brain storm is coming! Let us continue my last paper, OK? Let me go on sharing ideas about my last order about connector sales. […]

pin header connector /Top/Bottom Mount It is the penultimate day of Aprial, which means the most beautiful season in the world of Arial comes to an end. Somewhat sad and pity for the about to be lost beautiful time of a year. Anyway, let us talk about something interesting, or something professional, something about our work, […]

connector salesman working experience sharing There is a beautiful poem in Chinese, which means the most beautiful season, the most beautiful time of the world is Aprial in spring. In this beautiful season, I start off a new journey, to do foreign tade business about connector. I just feel my life is filled with ups […]

connector classification introduction in cellphone     There are many kinds of connectors on the phone, and FPC is one of them. Product categories can be divided into internal FPC connectors and board-to-board connectors, I / O connectors for external connection, and battery connectors and Camera Socket and so on. connector classification introduction in cellphone […]

connector basic properties brief introduction The Basic properties of connector can be divided into three categories: the mechanical properties, electrical properties and environmental performance. One. Mechanical properties on connectivity. The insertion force is an important mechanical properties. Plug into force insertion force and withdrawal force (pull force known as the separation force), the two requirements […]

Connector overview and constitution introduction Connector is a component which electronic engineering technicians regularly deal with. Its role is very simple: in the circuit between blocked or isolated barrier, to set up a bridge, causing current to flow to achieve the intended function of the circuit. Connectors are indispensable component of electronic devices. If you […]