usb connectors selling with best services

It is the first day when we are back to work after May Day holiday. The weather is quite nice and cool. What a fine day!

I got an request for quotation of usb connectors today.

usb connectors


usb connectors selling with best services

First I reviewed the request of usb connectors, it is by an Israeli customer. He is looking for usb connectors, and he cannot provide the data sheet or drawing. He ask me to send him the data sheet.

It is wise of him to do so.  Because it is of importance to confirm the product well firstly, just as we talked before of connector selling, it is the same with usb connector selling. Even if customer doesn’t ask me for the datasheet of the usb connectors, I will still ask our engineer for the datasheet or drawing.

Datasheet or drawing of usb connectors shows clearly of the deatailed specitations of the product.

I sent the request of usb connectors to our engineer and got the drawing, and sent it to customer, by email and by Skype.  Now I just need to wait for customer’s confirmation.

There is a saying that goes, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.  It may be a good status to distinguish work and life clearly. But I think it just depends. If you feel happy to work, happy to think things about work, just go for it. I still think it is wise to learn more skills when you are young, thus you can have more choices later.

Good luck for me! Let us call it a day!

Do you think so? Any questions or advices, let us discuss.

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